• Well That Was Surreal!!

    What an amazing feeling it is to see your hard work for the first time on the small screen! I had such a fun night with my husband watching the Netflix series Away and screaming at the tv screen: There is the necklace...oh there it is again... now there is the bracelet... did you see the earrings... View Post
  • First time working for TV and Film

    Finally, I get to mention the project I am so proud of working on. I did some jewellery work on the new Netflix TV Series Away, starring Hilary Swank, Talitha Eliana Bateman and Josh Charles to name a few. What a great experience from start to finish! A good friend, Kurt Bruun (A Props Master) as... View Post
  • Going Around in Circles

    I am finding it hard to be creative while we are in a worldwide pandemic and I am sure you are too. I find myself constantly wondering how things got so crazy. Before we started self-isolating, I was trying to figure out how to stand out with so many amazing jewellery designers for consumers to c... View Post