Going Around in Circles

I am finding it hard to be creative while we are in a worldwide pandemic and I am sure you are too. I find myself constantly wondering how things got so crazy. Before we started self-isolating, I was trying to figure out how to stand out with so many amazing jewellery designers for consumers to choose from and now our current situation has made it even more difficult. I realized that farmer's markets and craft fairs weren't the proper fit for me but where does one go from here? How does one do something they love and make a living from it? I have seen people comment "Do what feeds you creatively and customers will come" but I don't feel that is always true. We are now such a disposable society and we always want something better, newer but cheaper and have shorter attention spans, so does this also play a part in how we feel about the Arts as well? Will my love of creating only stay a hobby even though I have sold pieces and had commissioned requests? 

When I am in the zone and creating, I feel invigorated but in quiet times I am constantly questioning myself and right now things don't feel like they will return to normal ever...which, of course, will happen but when? People won't have the disposable income to spend on pretty things for themselves for quite some time, so where does that leave us? Do you still keep creating pieces or do you scrap everything and start all over again?

As you can see, I have nothing but questions and I am sure I'm not the only one. I guess we need to stay busy at home or in our creative space and be positive. Hopefully, I'll find answers and things will fall into place. In the meantime, please be safe, keep social distancing and let's see if we can completely flatten the curve.