Finally Complete!

The website is finally done with so much help and support from family, friends and peers. It is great to see my dream start to take shape and go in a direction I am proud of. The website will grow and change as I learn my craft and I can't wait to see where I am heading next. A few people I would like to thank for helping me make the website what it is are Taryn Colontino, Jen Timms, Sarah Taylor. These three helped make my website with their lovely photos, Taryn for taking the pictures of my beautiful models and Sarah and Jen for sitting still long enough to get them done. Also Danielle Perina for making my logo and business cards etc look so beautiful. Thanks to Romi Weiss for giving input and proofing my website (and making me take another 500 odd photos...whew!) I want to thank the people who have started to support my business and have taken a chance on me. Thanks to my parents and family, who have kept encouraging me to keep going. Lastly, I want to give a huge thank you to my amazing husband, Pete, for being my number one fan and supporting me while I do what I truly love...I love you! Now I can concentrate on learning and creating jewellery. Love K