First time working for TV and Film

Finally, I get to mention the project I am so proud of working on. I did some jewellery work on the new Netflix TV Series Away, starring Hilary Swank, Talitha Eliana Bateman and Josh Charles to name a few. What a great experience from start to finish! A good friend, Kurt Bruun (A Props Master) asked if I was able to work on some pieces for a new series and, of course, I jumped at the chance. 

It was such a busy and hectic time but also so rewarding to see the work so well received. Loved, loved, loved the experience and hope this isn't the last time. 

The show comes out on September 4th on Netflix but here is the link to the trailer You won't be able to miss the bracelet but keep an eye out for Hilary Swank wearing some little delicate earrings as well.